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Washington, DC electro-pop duo GEMS have shared their version of John Lennon’s “Oh Yoko!” off their full album cover of the iconic Imagine. The record is available now exclusively on vinyl, limited to 1000 copies, via Turntable Kitchen’s SOUNDS DELICIOUS subscription series. GEMS’ covers of “Imagine” and “Crippled Inside” are also streaming online now.


“All I want is the truth! Just give me some truth!”

I listened to John Lennon’s album Imagine all the way through for the first time last year and that line just hit something deep within me. The inescapable sadness of life. The despair of feeling totally alone and calling out into the void, just searching for some kind of solid ground to stand on. It feels like the whole world is calling out right now from this place of hurt, calling out for truth. But we’re so divided and continue putting up false walls between us.

I feel honored that we had the chance to record our own interpretations of these courageous, albeit conflicted songs.  In some ways Lennon’s vision seems impossibly naive today. But don’t we need something to strive for? We need connection, we need communication, forgiveness and healing. I know I need the type of enchanted dream where we try to lift up humanity together. Even if it’s just in our own small, personal way.

I’m restless. I’m yearning for something real. I have to believe that we can still use our short time here on earth to put some kind of goodness into the world. And maybe while we’re at it, we can share the same dream.

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