Literally Connected to John Lennon - Volume 8

Lynn Cousino Saldanha – March 10, 2001

"How can I go forward when I don’t know which way I am facing?

How can I go forward when I don’t know which way to turn?

How can I go forward into something I’m not sure of?

You know life can be long and you got to be so strong and the world is so tough.

How / Lennon

I swear with the snow storms, along with the rapid acts of unkindess and violence that have been experienced and on the news this past week, I seem to be prompted to remind myself that it’s all within the boundaries of higher explanation. Within the whirlwinds of storm, are the winds of change. Within that is chaos, and from chaos comes peace. Peace from change. Peace from that which is unearthed and unheard from the silence that was the negative status quo of the lull before. I felt this past week that very same whirl of change going on within me. Did you feel? I mean it, did you FEEEEEEEL the change and the chaos and the turbulence. Whether you live in an area that has not experienced storms, you are not numb from what is going on. Children shooting children. Guns in action not stilled nor silenced in their negativity, but revered and honored. The utmost symbol of exactly where we have allowed ourselves and our children to degrade to.

Do you not, can you not, agree that the Earth is in need of change? That to accomplish the cleansing of that which has become exaggerated and violently utilized must be stopped? After centuries of the warrior mentality of kill that which is not like you or which you do not agree with, how indeed is the Earth herself…a living breathing entity and soul….supposed to get rid of that bloodshed and hatred? Earthquakes, storms, children with rage and happy trigger fingers. Parents who love and care, just like ours did in the past and theirs before them, yet these young souls are coming in to experience on Earth…for the last time,….rage and violence and acts of devastation and heartache.

"She came in through the bathroom window, protected by a silver spoon."

She Came In Through The Bathroom Window / The Beatles

All week long all I have seen, heard, dreamed about, or even heard someone else dream about, was guns. I never, as I have mentioned before, know what the volumes are about until I get the promptings or the signs. This time, wow, it was a very focused thing with focused direction. I mean, I really would like to get onto the nicer stuff. The higher truths. The kindness where peace and love stem from. Not this volume, not this time again. For this is how this whole topic came forth. Last Sunday night I dreamed of seeing silver guns…yes, silver ones very pretty and shiny laying all around me. Nice dream or scary dream…you be the judge. Now the cool thing about these guns is I picked each one up I then placed a trigger inhibitor in them all. I have watched one of the evening news magazines on TV and know that these devices are not only feasible, they are in both monetary and linear reach for all who own weapons. On a comical note, but yet of some viability, I was dressed in a very bright orange sweater top and orange high heels. Whoa baby…go mama! For going back to the Universe being built on light, sound and color…the color vibrant orange is a color of higher healing. Yes, indeed that is what I was told years ago. And…the color vibrant lime green is, too. So the orange symbolized to me very clearly that we as one human race can quell the very instruments that have stopped serving us well.

I mean, really, the United States is a major world power. Living in Canada now, I see the United States a bit more from the eyes that the world sees us. We are the fishbowl to the world. We live inside and are really pretty much unaware of what is going on outside of our self-contained view from the inside. I mean, like in every fishbowl there are issues and problems. No fishbowl is a perfect world. Now the rest of the world looks at us in our fishbowl. They like us, they hate us…they still need us for we indicate to whatever degree how they judge their own lives and existences. By no means am I claiming to be a politician, or one who knows it all. I am one woman who in the past years has experienced seeing things in a different light. In a higher way, and then again….from the reality in which the world views. I have recently traveled to Russia, and experienced a people scratching out a new beginning and finding soul again. A stopover in Amsterdam gave me a very quick on the spot feeling of a touch of Europe. Our business is with India. My own husband having been born in India, and raised in Canada. Like the Lennons before us, we find marriage expressing East meeting West. As I am coming to know more of India….yet another country whose very roots of spiritual enlightenment at many levels has found itself having to compete on a world scale in technology and computerization. In the bits I have seen, I have seen extremes. Living just 45 minutes from the United States border at Niagara Falls, I have really grown up over the past year in the real world, all being seen from a bigger picture level maybe. I see us as others see us…Americans, that is. Do I like what I see from that minute vantage point? Like or dislike has no bearing, for in every view there are both sides to the story. I can see that as some watch, they judge. With judgment comes the possibility of missing the point as it really exists.

I just keep getting this not so subtle nagged reminder that Lennon moved from his native England to New York back in the early 1970s. He played a Live Peace Concert here in Toronto back in 1969, and did a "Bed-in For Peace" at a Montreal hotel. Something keeps edging at me here, so I will go with it. Where it leads we can all see. In turn, I hope to take out bias and render something of substance combined with the prompts and pictures I am being shown while typing.

What you say does this have to do with John Lennon? Well, he lies within my very soul the part of him that links with me. I don’t bring forth a thing that is not running through my head and onto this screen that I have not asked for higher protection, truth and guidance. I have come to experience in my mid-life things that I never would have thought of. Both on a tangible and real world level, and indeed on the spiritual level. There is a median here, I believe. We need the temperance of both. So on that note, I will continue and ask that you bear with me here through it all.

"Imagine there’s no countries it isn’t hard to do. Nothing to kill or die for and no religion, too. Imagine all the people living life in peace."

Imagine / Lennon

There are absolute pockets of the world where diversity has become unity. Where the many live in relative peace, not perfection, but in harmony and with a degree of mutual respect. I can only hear about those places that have come into my realm of knowledge, and applaud them. Europe uniting, the Cold War walls down and Russia finding feeling again in limbs long hibernated. There are so many places where the concepts are working and viably so. And yet on the other hand, there is still so much pain in war and war crimes that takes the news and makes the media. Shame it is really.

Back to Fishbowl Television….in watching any country grow and go thorough pangs and pains the viewers take away their own self-realization and actualization. In becoming angry, judgmental, and finding fishbowl politics critical dinner conversation; it’s easy to see that there really are places which have it going on right. Where people of different manners and ways are making homes and finding work together. In being together, these people are becoming something more and better than that which the skeptics and criticals find topical and unacceptable in all too human faults. Let’s endeavor to find the good in the world, not to nitpick at that which is an experiment only in the working. Knock the faults by making the change and do it better. Yeah…do it better and then show that to the world.

One such fishbowl is called, The United States of America. Being American I can say and see that indeed there are problems and issues happening. For that matter, look at America back in the early 1970s and see the positive changes which have taken place in the workplace and home front. For women, on racial fronts and on for sexual preference. Founded on very good and high and light principals, it is accurate to say that we have attempted…good or bad….to maintain and realize those very concepts. We have opened our doors to the peoples of the world in the past, and much like what Canada is doing right now. What was divided before has now to whatever imperfect degree, melted together in latter generations. Look at Toronto now….150 different cultures. A city so diverse and multicultural in its existence, it can exemplify what all cities of the world could be. London is very much the same. Large cities / small pockets of a world gone right in and out of it’s madness. No one place is doing it perfect, but hey….it is still being done to a successful degree of overall greater majority harmonizing peacefully and respectfully. Whatever the scale of unity through diversity in a whirlwind of world changes, I render my utmost respect and give credence to the concept of one world, one peace at hand. It can be done on a mass scale for it is being done in cities and pockets of countries around the world now, and in the now.

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the world has turned its eyes to watch the United States.

Think about that statement for it is profoundly accurate.

The United States and Canada are within the realm where I can place my limited views. Yet I can clearly see that both countries are melting pots and stem from the very same common bond, like it or not. Peoples of diverse religions, diverse nationalities and absolute different beliefs in how to and why for and what to can live together with the overwhelming majority leaving peacefully side by side. It’s this an uncanny start?

Isn’t unity through diversity becoming understanding from diversity where people are meshing together even at a foundational degree to live in peace?

This is the LennonTask’s very mission statement divinely given to me in a dream from John Lennon himself. This is what is it all about. The LennonTask is one of the reasons for this season that we call 2001 – Earth. It’s a road and a pathway to those who find their way to it. An actualization and a realization that it matters not where you live, or where you came from, or what was your religion before or what it is now. It is a way of being. Of being more conscious and aware that guns are not the only weapons that humans use to devastate, maim, hurt and even kill.

Hence comes the next phase of this past week. Toronto experienced the northern tip of the very bad snow storm that wreaked havoc over the Eastern Seaboard. The whirl was amazing to feel. For feel it I did. It was anxious and heavy and brought up and out things that needed to be addressed within myself. Now…come on, you must be saying to yourself, storms are not indicative of inner turmoil. Guess what? I am here to tell you that they are. Yes…they are. For what is going on at an inner level to, and with, and for our entire planet is happening at the very root of our souls. Now maybe you don’t feel it. Not that you are not sensitive, or in touch, or even awakened. Nope. I am not rendering anything upon you and pointing any fingers. I am just here to tell you what I am finding and knowing for it’s my LennonTask role / job to do just that. Pave the way, maybe to make it easier for you. In a disgustingly positive way….there is good in all of it. The silver linings coming forth within the tornados of change. I am just here to remind you why and what for. You have Lennon at the core of the base once again bringing out his truth in a very adamant way.

Within the whirl came a feeling of being uprooted and unnerved. I saw something so clearly that had I not been all in a tither with the snow swirling outside, I may never have caught it and just chalked it off to pesky days. Mother told me that there would be strange days indeed, and there are. Going back to the thought and lesson that all of our not so positive stuff stems from one thing…fear. In fear comes the need to control. The need to instill upon another our way of doing things, in our time, in our means, and to our degree of fenced in belief patterns. To control from violence is an atrocity. Never a chance given for expression or diversity. Stilled and quelled in a moment of devastation. Whether that be at a planetary level, or a personal one. Control by death or warring violence is an outdated mode of thought. Since the world seemingly cannot stop pointing the fingers which breed the need for bigger and better war game toys…well, what actions can a Dear Mother Earth take and bring forth to rid and purge of these nasty bad habits of self-destruction. She can blow in a whirwind and bring about change. She can stop the need for control at a personal level, and yes…even at a level as large as planetary by simply stretching and yawning and waking us all up in flexing her faults, and by blowing icy breaths through an atmosphere void of ozone by which pulling us all together via tragedy.

If we continue to control each other and to be obsessed with watching each other and finding fault, along with rejoicing in any one nation’s catastrophes…as compared to tending to our own idios which need to be shed as the old bad habits that they are….we leave the Mother with little option then to rid herself of that which is causing overall harm. Hmmmmm, interesting concept, eh?

So on that premise and it does ring true, we seemingly have a choice here. We can either go back to the point of living in doom and gloom and fear where as one human race we feel the need to direct everything from our own pulpitzied soapboxes, or we can take our rants and raves on the inward and direct them to finding "God" within? That’s really what this gets down to. Finding that which is more positive and light yet finding it in song, and lyrics, and from random acts of kindness. The real catastrophes which occur on Earth are not the Earth herself creating disasters. It is not facing the whirlwinds of our own lives head on. Changing our outlooks and seeing the larger pictures. Of paying attention to the yearnings from within via our dreams and our moments of unadulterated happiness. We are being helped, guided and assisted for who on Earth does not dream? Find that which you yearn for in your dreams.

I had two others contact me this week with their own lucid dreams. A man from Canada tells me his dream of guns that will not hurt. Fancy air powered devices harmless in the hands of the young and the power hungry alike. Gone would be the blaming all around. Blaming the system, blaming the parents, and then finally….blaming the media. Good God…does it not stop? All of the blame through guilt. All of the control through guilt. We can certainly see where it is not working. Let’s stop blaming and controlling through guilt and let’s start to wake up to some stark realities which are contrary to popular dinner holier-than-thou-arts.

People are still getting killed in the world today based upon their religious beliefs.

Yes, people are judged and rendered viable based upon their own inner need to find and know something higher and better. I mean, that which we know as being simply wrong and outdated as a mode of existence still runs rampant in the areas of the world. We have learned and know the good manners in not infringing politically and religiously on another. We have been raised on concepts of unbias toward race, creed, sex and sexual preference. What does that really mean? That there are parts of the world that still do not exist even on the basics of fair and equal treatment. That people are still killed, tortured and imprisoned for speaking out contrary to governmental and religious injustices. That enjoyment is found in comment on the tragedies befallen to those that opened their doors and expanded their boundaries as a melting pot for many, with every pitfall and act of violence made self serving and expounded upon.

What on this Earth is perfect? Nothing. No thing. No person. No one faith. No one color. No one sex. No one way. But is there not honor in the efforts of a nation….any nation, or city, or community or neighborhood who tries? Is there not integrity found in the Olympics and other world-class events which bring about an air of unity? And song, is there not a common bond at a personal level found in song and lyric? Can we really say that parents no longer care about their children, and that children will not go astray? Can we blame and keep blaming when indeed, the whole problem exists in the fact that until we can stop the outward fear based and guilt ridden control of others in our own world, that things will not improve. Must we be wiped out? No…I am not being made privy to anything of the sort. Why? Why does all of our inner garbage not come out in outward acts of atrocious violence? Plain and simple. Because there is still good in the world to balance all of the bad. There is still equality, even to an imperfect level. There are still parents who indeed love and honor and care for their children. Because there is still GOOD in this world. There are still countries that offer asylum to those marked by imprisonment and fanatical acts in the name of some fearful and violent god who resides in some obscure place and not within. There is still respect offered for religious beliefs and political opinions. Good manners as compared to snides and jibes.

Instead of seeing how and where any one fishbowl is doing it wrong would it not make sense to learn from those mistakes made common knowledge and change your own world for the better? Would it not be fair and in higher light to see what does not work, and to make it work. To offer happiness and support for that which has served peaceful means to the majority, as compared to taking spirit from rampant individuals which follow their own subservient pathway to self-glorification at the cost of another’s life or feelings.

Hitting it right on, things must get worse before they get better. Too much has become imbalanced from centuries of living in darkness and fearing the only thing that would have spoken of light. For eons, even The Church controlled through guilt. Does it not make sense that even the most devout of souls find their jollies in guilting others into doing what they desire? Sure. Of course. Absolutely.

Now seeing problems and offering no solutions I am not. For that is not what this is all about. The only way to get through the bad is to find the good. The only way to balance that which is off kilter, even to a level of the very Earth on which we reside is to come to that which makes us joyful and being it. Living that which comes forth and brings us not pleasure, but joy. Yes….practice joyful acts of kindness in your own life and world. Go to the root of what makes you tick. If it brings about harm upon another, then you have not went deep enough. Go deep. Go really deep within. Ask for it. Ask to find your own inner light. Harmonize with it. Watch for the signs and the answers.

Lucid dreams, like a lady from Ottawa this week, who says she wakes everyday almost singing for she knows that she is on her pathway. She is shaking off that which no longer brings her joy, and no longer honors her inner self. She is consciously awake to the higher road. You certainly don’t find her finding pleasure in the problems of others. No. She was wise, yes wise, enough to know that as she watched the white tornadoes swirling all around her with silver threads going up to the sky, that things were going to change for her. Now she is ready. Wide awake and ready to server the inner need to assist others. Something viable. Something that speaks of the good that the changes are bringing.

Accentuate the postive. Change yourself. At least even….try. Try to change. Try to make a difference. Try to do it right, even if you have to do it wrong to learn how to do it right. Be a world leader in your own world. There really is no going back now. It has to and it will get better.

"Man I was mean but I’m changing my scene and I’m doing the best that I can.

I admit it’s getting better a little better all the time."

Getting Better / The Beatles

The LennonTask:

Unity through Diversity.

Understanding from Diversity.

Together we can all bring the world to Peace.

The is an interactive process. Email me.

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