John Lennon

Jerry Lewis Telethon



-"John and Yoko, let's hear it! John Lennon, John Lennon, Yoko! Let's hear them, let's get a bow, John Lennon, John, Yoko!
(Audience) John! John! John! John!.....
-"John, Yoko, John, Yoko, John, Yoko, John....I'll tell you what, Oh, cool it, cool it! I would suspect that John Lennon is probably one of the wisest showman I've ever met. He knows what he's doin'!
He did two things, he did two...shhhh! Please! He did two things tonight. He came here to help, one, I think this was the primary purpose of his visit. And, two, he meant to say something. I think he did both those things. He has split. Let's thank them very much!

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