We lost Indians 37. Podcasts are always on him. I’m new schedule and WA AF. Gathered together from noon Sarah bridges of doing them. Noon news group W studios. Are the most celebrated his courses in radio ever assembled. Says my dad’s gonna pork chop blocked by a lawnmower. Murdered who. I truly love my body good students. I’m homeowner wanna platform. Burgers. Do they grabbed them absolutely no mistake them in the about it. Drove. Good food and he GI NN in this instance where Goosen. Not just go. Dedicated to nonsense and well and for all mass sold. Good afternoon everybody. Yeah okay. Well I’m sick of all let’s go it’s a beautiful day. Halfway through the weekly planner about I’d say nothing I submit exhibit today. Nothing. We have so much unit here we’ve been doing we’ve been packing shows. Up with more material that we can. Get care see you jumping up and now suddenly a pain downward to copy. Okay let me just set the table little bit what do you call that guy when you get to works is it nine and you just wanna like he’s seeing things and brand of coffee. He’s acting kind of the leaders not to attend. What videos they don’t have a pre meeting me maybe that we have a breakout session to discuss will be discussed at the brief meeting meeting to that was super ready by the time we get to the actual meeting. And you guys. It’s Tuesday. It is more work. We can do on top of the work we’re. God. I stay late meetings like I don’t question. Hard road Jones just be TFU. Avila takes as they missed norm we’ll bring about their votes while. You can Texas thanks and one of seven. You can Collison fanning imports studio line to say hi at any point be on the radio bees are 679311. AA. If you don’t get through to us in our windows of time that we do have. You wanna talk to assert get us a message of some kind please call this number 617. 7795454. As a generic it was meant as a message that I jammed them. OK we’ve got so much to do. We’ll do before you would be Jimmy Q for you to accuse coming in. We might hear from Tim White neck Tim White. Yeah brother is covering he’s a reporter not a musician. He’s covering a trial going on right now if you like the mob stuff ever wants wild. It’ll talk about that there’s a mob trial going Lorena Cadillac frank Solon. Very famous mobster local mobster on trial right now it’s going as we speak live tweeting this guy Tim White. I works to BP RI Providence. And he might colony give us the scoop on what’s going on there 55 when he your generic radio voice mails at 620. Tomorrow on the program we just found this out. We have tickets to giveaway to go see. The new console them. All its own rule. Solo stories or columns on so solo a Star Wars story if you build it. Names of those cancers that week as his day let’s say weak and lame grab at a cheap laugh that no one appreciates. Are comedian cavalcade continues on Friday Pauly Shore will be in studio. And las it has cupcake wars right here make you nick love okay that’s not gonna happen it’s gonna happen next Tuesday we got an etiquette. Expert coming in from the etiquette academy. And she’s gonna teach is social graces she’s gonna turn stages. Into a fine young man about town. She is a miracle war and on the Y need dad you know she’s going to tell you praying that god don’t already have a little bit via don’t crank up the hood. She’s gonna take you are edges. No I don’t want to Wear off we want you to be a lose dude ever really on my god are you really I mean really really. Yes if our English is a window yours zigzag of broken lives is that English it’s like how he. Is this whole thing called late honey. It is and what you have by the way. What you have got this job you’ve got street smarts and skills and acumen that work in the street but sometimes they don’t work in the board room although that is so early I could easily say that. Listed as out when I thought it was just. I abject desperation they got a new job on our behalf of our future there’s that there was no one else that applied. Also today a very special. Version. Of our. One of our favorite games the Allen questions project that we normally do on Wednesday. Allen was detained apparently there was a marathon a Dick have a marathon. And he’s drinking Scotch watching Dick Cavett and could make it in today’s title. Our associate producer stepping in. This I had heard that. Alan was detained. At the border because I know he is a rom fan. And he went to go get legitimate Dominican sugar cane testimonies and he wanted to make his own rom. That I could get detained at the borders are reversed Iran Harmon last week more circuit. I could be true B that is that may. Kyle is stepping in he’s writing the questions now I have no idea as ago where. Who’s wearing a. A trial and a homeless man’s Bruins I held. He’s had burned when he listens you know team yellow sometimes the brake line goes out what your ride downhill you just got to get the bottom maybe if you happen occasionally have been fingers again. Just didn’t think I plug the seatbelts. Perhaps your radio and get ready to have some fun if they have bought the old days there really rough. Betty nick rage. I didn’t mention what he’d be playing for about a waning after mentioned. Very special two very special. Alan questions project today and 6 o’clock hour. You’ll be playing. For. Is the one Christ Izzo backstage passes. And a pair of tickets to CWA present hailstorm so great rock and roll show. And you qualify. Automatically. To go see hailstorm in San Francisco so that grand prize winner will be announced later you’ll win tickets and backstage pass is definitely the Sox. I hailstorm in San Francisco. Now that would be some severe weather fortunately there won’t be any in our future. I was active. When we talking about. And that was it was organic. Relevant. The home. It outdoor one to judge tell you who’s in his own. Merit well. I guess we I’ll bore forecasts in this particular hour but not when they’re brought to you by our good friends at sun and ski blog Memorial Day bargains on her. Sentence he’s Bobo. Patio chair sale is the real deal. Buy one get one free when you purchase that table would shares shop now at cited ski or patio furniture. 76 degrees outside in our fair column while it’s just flat out beautiful right now tonight we’ll drop down to 47 tomorrow. Second verse just as beautiful as the first sunny and 75. Quick shot up to sarge. Our friend of show law enforcement hero in the 603 sarge is riding his bike. Ought to raise money. He doesn’t every year he said die in Texas cities on his way. He’s paddling like mad so much attitude sarge kudos to you. Quick also Jenna Burke patient nick I believe. It’s this man’s effort. Billy Joe’s harmonica player. Another son was killed by women it was just killed by six bars. Guys do and that’s true. No luckily I still want to thank Jason Barnes yeah. This is breaks on them it’s. In. It’s. To CM six can you not want is. He loses and Milan. Gear unit. They go. 1949. Kubert that angels let’s see what’s trending in a hot flash. Time for a. The same time we should do something if it’s hot and flashing a good feel all the way down on the palms. Matty ended we’ll cover it here’s your. Action on WA AF gonna play guitar would Jared let go and thirty seconds to Mars. He he got the job submit a video of yourself playing guitar at WA AF dot com slash guitar to entered do it now nick well medi. We could just call this break instead of a hot flash updating people on the news we can call us let’s make Matty squirm. And it is relevant because this is a breaking news story and it also pertains to music. You ever heard somebody by the name of post Malone. No I know you’re not allowed to say. Post Malone all I think Burt Reynolds made stick after that. While I was gonna say you can post Moses Malone in the post you can post the mailman. Malone you know we used to post Malone. Robert pear that’s. Other than that no I imagine he’s a rap artist of some kind yet well and yes he’s a rock rap artist and I hope it stays would you say that he’s been on quite the assent over the past couple let me tell you something. Five years ago this kid was playing rock and roll covers like collegial in Hendrick on his guitar and just putting them on YouTube. Now guardedly but a bus skiing on line if you well yeah. And now you’ve got distracted by looking in the hallway tightly and Cooper and focused effort to nice where. I opposed Malone. And I tell you why. Under Obama opposed to Milan would have gotten nowhere trump made it okay for the opposed monologues. Is werder lackeys. They as opposed alone because they’re Communist. Yeah I’ll tell you why did that was Liz wired on on top of that music where we’d all be broke out on this I’ll I think he’s gonna come in there. Well anyway Matty yes this is gonna make you turn in the grade that you do not residing yet actually you may make your way they’re now. Nine songs from post Malone’s chart topping album beer bombs and Bentley is a have achieved top twenty positions on the billboard hot 100. Handily smashing the previous six song record held by its. The real bounce today so Matty it is once you know right now this right here this is the sound. I’m Tom McManus. June. This is movement is now done is there an idea you know it’s. A summer day dwindles to. There’s no I didn’t have any sense to sell its volume analyzer is on yeah that is actually one of. Jet it’s. I’ve got no melody assisted you don’t have now the game is awful he’s been meeting on I right now. OK so I want you to compare that to do. The act he just beat out for the most top forty songs on the billboard hot 100 play Augusta is yeah you’re right I think this is the most most all of that are in this. Cleanse us. Hampering him he was not a fan yeah. Yeah OK got app. When I told me thank you happy to bring this same stuff just gets life. I’m mad as hell of a lot better move because it doesn’t sound like you’re not only did. One his music. With. Incredible musicians playing their instruments and harmonizing singing and doing things that most mortals can’t do the other is. Created in studio with with computers and got pregnant and did they do you have shouted at do you try to get nine talked to one hits. You know I’d but it’s like you’re standards post Malone. Fred Flintstones would have been a good play out Leo good the crew guys and I’m not even his most Milan advanced on of kind of Lara yeah all right you don’t really popular till. No nazism yeah cost you know all of your. You compare job. And to our data. Oh my god if that’s our job man. Now my old fart I’m done my time is over here and let me know if if if what you played. By posting Malone now wasn’t even his best is better than this I’m done my time is over I admit it I’m not saying are that it’s better music is subjective but it’s as popular clearly as The Beatles where. And then all of my god oh my god I hate all hype and then it edit I’m done. Thank you I want Saudi Arabia won’t yeah I don’t yeah I think based CDC when you brought down home on the black they are too busy arguing. But it’s different that would knock her data is different because one is music. And the other isn’t alone cannot say that garnered great music. Well I know this. This no one’s playing anything they’re playing a computer Luke someone else records. That’s a computer on boom boom what do you mean those beats all had to deal is this is not a crime. This is what comes out of a souped up Monte Carlo it makes me walked quickly it happened. What it has been an advocate of the big three days with an act now that’s not at all. Hey look. Beer bong and Bentley spine America were doing on some. Matty and we brought you by town fair tire get to town fair tire they got the guaranteed lowest prices nobody beats town fair tire nobody. Coming up 4 o’clock hour deal for you with Jimmy Q we got cameras coming in here nick from a sports Boston. Which will explain in just a few minutes but one wrap up this hot flash that you brought up we we hit it we struck a nerve nick. A lot of people texting us. On this whole thing about post Malone. Outselling The Beatles. Breaking The Beatles record. With his album be your longs and bent knees on let me just got to wrap up with this should I leave thinking in between the brick what I wanted to say this is. You’re saying is different music guys is not music here’s the thing. Listen there’s always stand yet all you guys are old old but there’s always ban. Crappy music and there’s always been crappy music that was wildly popular out you view. The carpenters or. You know alibi you know you can debate whether how happy there you are how could you call her carpenter I love the carvers don’t they I cheesy pop Donny Marie Donny Marie sold millions of records based on their TV show I wouldn’t say that Donna Marie music. Is critically acclaimed so. I’ll answer all music is critically well I would say I wouldn’t say it’s hot garbage or not he’s hot garbage because when you’re talking about breaking the beatles’ record. You’re talking about apples and oranges not Apple’s largest likes different styles. One’s music ones not won his pops synthesized. Marketed. Cheese that is capitalizing on a very popular you may say and very popular trend of guys going Magnus and. And David David David David David David. The other is an artist telling the story. Based on their lives their inner artist he’s kind of story based on his life. He played I think what you’re playing what you think just because no harm to anything you have to make be making a bead is hollow basically beat. Just kinda I applaud I mean. I would love to see you got to look to be my tonight. All I can make of the island an athlete I don’t should be can I go shopping for repeat is that how we measure artists now that I’m in. Let’s go to him on the framing import studio line. You know made a beat him Ringo started to damn good job it. Tim. Welcome yeah. They had to go on. Again candidates are not only bad part about let. No people no way. You know that’s me I. Look at it from there he actually come up an actual. And even if he could Tim you’re right they even call even if he could even if possible with how the musician. He ain’t making great that has not long I think what’s lost in the shop. Well here’s that word or the shuffle or the curve ball boys that were not comparing post Malone to The Beatles. What this is about is that it’s unbelievable to think. Debt and artists like this artist you’re welcome that’s the one time I’ll ever say that he has an out of pop act like this dude could replace The Beatles and plant them. As owner of the most top one top forty hits on the billboard hot 100 chart shows you the way. Times have changed it name change for the better the guys we can wrap that story nice with the just an unbelievable tax really sums up this whole argument singly and only is our parties audience can do it 978. But Marie osmond’s boobs are fantastic. Thank you next time they work anyway I could have been go. There’s all groups. Ahead.

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