Staff at St. John's Lutheran Church in Rock Island used the music of the Beatles to help deliver their message on Mother's Day.

Kids and adults came ready to sing their hearts out to "Let It Be" and "All You Need Is Love".
The pastor said that many of the chosen songs featured words that reinforced many of the teachings found in scripture, like "Here Comes the Sun."

She added that it brought much energy to the service and was happy to see how it brought not only memories of many people's past, but also of their faith.

"So many generations know these words and they know them by heart," said Rev Stacie Fidlar, St. John's pastor. "It wasn't just little kids, we have a group of differently abled people who worship with us, they knew every word and sang complete with everybody. It was a good day to bring all kinds of voices together. "

The pastor said it was great seeing how the Beatles adaptation to the service brought in people she hadn't seen in a long time today and hopes to continue this new tradition again in the future.

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