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The Beatles may have posited that “All You Need is Love,” but the Jeffersonville Arts Alliance wants to know what you think you need.

The small group of artists and art lovers has been creating an interactive sculpture to be displayed at Abbey Road on the River at Big Four Station over Memorial Day weekend in Jeffersonville.

“All You Need Is…” is a large three-dimensional sculpture. As guests approach they will receive a brightly colored ribbon on which they will be asked to write what they need. The ribbon will then be attached to the sculpture.

“The song is ‘All You Need is Love,’ but what is it that you need?” said Dawn Spyker, Jeffersonville Public Art administrator. “Is all you need dogs? All you need is cupcakes? It’s just people’s ideas of what they need. It’s fantastic.”

By the end of the festival the negative space in the piece will be filled with colorful banners emblazoned with people’s ideas of all they need. “It will be a kinetic personal diary from thousands of Beatles fans,” she said.

“It’s something that festivalgoers and our community will really have fun with,” she said. “It’s made by our people, in our community.”

Spyker reached out to arts alliance member and local artist Greg Rush to come up with a concept for the sculpture.

“I like the Beatles, but I don’t know enough about them to be as impactful as I’d like to be,” Spyker said. “So I reached out to someone who was really familiar with their quirks and iconic imagery.”

“I really wanted something the community attending the event could interact with,” said Rush. “I wanted something big and whimsical and bright.”

“I hope it puts a smile on people’s faces. That’s probably the biggest motivation behind it. I hope they look at it and go, oh that’s the Beatles, that’s cool, that’s fun. That’s the drive behind it.”

In addition to “All You Need Is…” the alliance has created The Abbey Road Experience, a photo op mural that allows guests to insert themselves into the iconic Abbey Road album cover.

The life-size mural comes with a small riser with the crosswalk painted on it. “From the photographer’s perspective it looks like you’re actually on the crosswalk,” Spyker said. “It’s a phenomenal concept and it’s going to look really great.”

Funding and support for the art projects come from Abbey Road on the River founder Gary Jacobs, the city of Jeffersonville and the Jeffersonville Public Art Commission.

Abbey Road on the River is the world’s largest Beatles inspired music festival, running for four days and featuring live performances on multiple stages.

The festival made its Jeffersonville debut last year, after spending years in Louisville. For that event the arts alliance worked with the city on a large paint-by-numbers Yellow Submarine. Visitors could grab a brush and help finish the painting.

“It will be back this year as a photo op,” Spyker said. “It was so well received and people loved doing it.”

All the art created for the festival will be saved and brought back each year. “As we continue to do these pieces, we’ll accumulate more and more and have more to engage with each year,” Spyker said.

“Next year, rather than ribbons on ‘All You Need Is…’ we’ll do something else. There are so many other things they can do with different media.”

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